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Kitchen Magic Explains the Benefits of Grout-Free Tile for your Kitchen or Bath

Kitchen MagicKitchen Magic is committed to offering its customers unique, affordable kitchen and bath remodeling options. One of most common questions homeowners ask Kitchen Magic regards alternative options to the traditional approach of tile for a new kitchen backsplash or for shower/bath walls.


Natural stone and ceramic tile are frequently used by Kitchen Magic clients. Homeowners tell Kitchen Magic they choose these options for aesthetic appeal, but many consumers believe there is a lack of other alternatives. Unfortunately, Kitchen Magic and any other contractor will tell you that the grout in between tiles requires regular maintenance and can manifest problems over time. Grout issues range from minor to major cracks, low (or inadequate) grout in places, pinholes, dirty grout, grout that is discolored in spots, or even different color grouts caused when repair work is done. Kitchen Magic also reports that grout problems can be caused by improper installation, wear and tear, and the settling of a home. Homeowners with tile in their kitchens and baths can attest to the frustrating cleaning process, which requires extra time spent scrubbing in between tiles.


Kitchen Magic offers a distinct and exclusive alternative to using tile for your kitchen backsplash or bath and shower walls. Kitchen Magic’s grout-free Corian® kitchen and bath solutions provide a nonporous surface with the same appealing style of stone tiled surfaces.


Kitchen Magic’s Corian® is a blend of natural minerals and pure acrylic resin, manufactured in grout-free tile patterns exclusively by Kitchen Magic for use on backsplashes and shower walls. Corian is the perfect solution for a busy kitchen or bathroom; it is solid all the way through, so its nonporous surface is unaffected by humidity, keeping moisture from seeping into the material. Thus the Kitchen Magic Corian solution gives bacteria and mold no place to grow.


Kitchen Magic routs Corian sheets to look exactly like tile, in a variety of patterns, such as diamond or subway. Thus Kitchen Magic gives Corian the appearance of tile with none of the worries or maintenance of grout. Corian is also a beautiful, worry-free alternative to common acrylic bath surrounds. The Kitchen Magic Corian backsplash and bathroom grout-free tile solutions are a unique, fast and affordable way to achieve the attractive effect of a high-end renovation, without the cost and mess. As Kitchen Magic has a palette of over 100 colors to choose from, the only limit is your imagination.


Kitchen Magic, Inc. is the Northeast’s leading kitchen remodeling company, providing homeowners with custom refacing, handcrafted cabinetry and luxury countertops. Kitchen Magic is a family-owned and -operated business that began in 1979. Kitchen Magic has remodeled over 50,000 kitchens and baths in seven states.

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